Sport and nature in Formentera.

Sport and nature in Formentera.

Discover all the activities of sport and nature in Formentera.

Formentera is a very complete island: an ideal place to calm and rest the mind, a wonderful land to move the body and feel powerful. Sport and nature in Formentera are two perfect options to live joyful and healthy holidays.

Its turquoise sea offer endless water activities, such as kayaking, paddle surfing or water skiing, diving, snorkeling or even kite surfing. You can also play paddles on the beach, rent a sailboat or practice wind surfing. Running by the sea, cycling on the roads or taking long walks along its beaches

Formentera is a small island, with winds that blow differently depending on where you are. This offers the opportunity to enjoy slower and quieter sports or more intense activities. It’s long routes through the pines and fig trees, through white houses and warm earth, offer great views and landscapes for bicycle lovers. Except for “La Mola” area, the rest of the island is flat: riding it is an easy and beautiful experience. Jogging and running on its white sand trails can be another wonderful experience.

Known for its crystal clear waters, sometimes navy blue and sometimes turquoise, Formentera is an arid and yellowish land. The tree that characterizes this island is the pine, even if there is also many fig trees. The song of the crickets is its background sound and the lizards are its most assiduous visitors.

In general, dangerous animals are not known on the island, but there are seasons where the sea has jellyfish. If you are cautious and prudent, you can avoid their bites perfectly (otherwise, we recommend vinegar as a home remedy to relieve pain and alleviate the wound).

Hiking can also be practiced on this wonderful island: if you travel in months like March, April, May, October or November, you can do it at any time of the day. If you travel in summer (June, July, August and September), then it is better to do it first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon.

You can enjoy a good walk around the “Ses Salines Natural Park”, another one at the top of the island, near the “Faro de la Mola”, or even one along all the beaches, starting in the Formentera Port, passing through “Illetes”, crossing “Levante” and ending in “Es Pujols”.

Formentera is, therefore, ideal for sportsmen and nature lovers. For people looking for peace and people who love to swim. For people who love to read and rest, and people who love to walk and play. To run and to take a pause. To breathe and to meditate. The island has a magnetic energy that can turn meditations into wonderful experiences. It is a perfect island for those who recharge their levels of energy with nature.

For this reason, from Talaya we encourage you to discover and try the activities of sport and nature that Formentera offers you: because integral well-being is balance and stability. It is knowing how to rest and also exercise. It is knowing to be calm, but also knowing to act.

A perfect holiday is one that makes you feel complete, full, serene and happy. That marks the mind with memorable landscapes, unforgettable experiences and stunning sensations.

We think that to really live is to feel the present moment with total honesty.

Sport and nature in Formentera are two areas that will help you to experiment this: the life and it’s surprises. The existence and it’s opposites. The balance of duality.