What to do during your holidays in Formentera?

Discover what to do during your holidays in Formentera

There are many things you can do during your holidays in Formentera: the island, although small, is also known for being very complete. It has beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water for sunbathing, walking, bathing or swimming. It also has fine dirt roads to walk or run between yellowish fields and white houses.

The island is very well equipped: you can practice all kinds of sports. From kayak or paddle surfing, to wind surfing or kite surfing. From endless walks along its dazzling banks to bike tours through its arid paths. You can rent all kinds of boats: from the smallest to the largest and most beautiful. There is the possibility of doing it on your own or having the exclusive service of a captain.

A very beautiful experience is to travel the entire island by boat. Yes, you can navigate along the whole island in one day. Being so small, Formentera is easy to go around if the sea is good. In this way, you can see the island from a new perspective. You can enjoy its crystal clear turquoise waters. You can enter into its caves under its cliffs. You can navigate with the flying fish, very common in its surroundings.

You can organize a picnic on the high seas

If you prefer to eat in its wonderful beach bars, you have the possibility of reaching the beach with the small boats that every chiringuitos has and that transport people from their boat to the shore.

Enjoying a good fish after a morning on the boat is wonderful. Is joyful

In the afternoon it is nice to go to the hippies, something very traditional and particular of the island. You can go to the hippies of La Mola (Wednesdays and Sundays, from late afternoon to night) which is the biggest of all. Its beauty lies not only in the handmade fabrics and jewelry, but also in the atmosphere and energy that surround it. You can also go to the Es Pujols market: the stalls follow one after another along the marvelous promenade of this picturesque town. There you will find silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and all kinds of gadgets typical of hippies.
Another great market is the one in the port of La Savina, full of ethnic clothing and floral prints. An ideal place if you like hippie trends and naturalness.

Finally, what better way than going to one of the traditional restaurants on the island: a good paella, a spectacular lobster, fish of all kinds, grilled vegetables … Dining under the cover of the stars is a very beautiful experience: in Formentera the milky way feels very close. Many planets can be seen.

These are some of the things you can do in Formentera during your holidays. But there are so many more. You can spend your days reading wonderful novels by the beach and with your feet in the water. You can have fun with your children playing spades. Enjoy friends with glasses of sangria or wine. Although the island is small, as we have already said, it is very complete. Full of beauty. Wild and perfect.